The Last Time

Every time I close my eyes, is this the last time...

Is it the last time I’ll ever see you again
I shed a tear with every inkblot, dropped from my pen
I wonder were you really ever my friend
Because of how easily you let it all end
We all make mistakes, sometimes over again
Some of us are stubborn never making amends
I know its hard thinking outside of our skin
I know its easy to just justify all the ends
I’ve never been one to break, but I do tend to bend
Changing my shape, in case, I ever need to fit in
But then again, maybe I won’t, maybe I don’t
Cuz in the end, I never followed the trends

Dear mama, thanks for giving me birth
Lovely Diana, thanks for being my first
Aunt Judy, truly thanks for showing my worth
And Grandmama, praying, thanks for all of ya Church
Uncle Tracy, thanks for showing me strength
Grandpa, and Rose, I’ll never forget
Pop, thanks for finally coming around
Big bro, thanks for never letting me down
All my homies, thanks for me being my friends
All my other fam, nothing but love til the end
To my neph and sis, I wish you the best of the luck
If you ever need a thing, I’ll come in the clutch


from FameMachine, released April 22, 2017



all rights reserved


The Culprit Manifest St. Louis, Missouri

A global collective of musicians and artists based out of St. Louis who have come together to be The Culprit Manifest. They had a vision and I promised to help make it a reality. We have been asked to "name" our members but, respectfully, we will decline. They don't want to be divided and conquered. We refer to them as Agents W, X, Y & Z. Thank you for your support. Dream Big. Why you waitin' for? ... more

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