Why I feel like this
Yo, why you feel like that
Man I feel like crap
I feel paranoid

So the first verse goes bout a girl
Who could have any dude she wanted in the world
Now you might think I’m exaggerating
But I swear she got every man straight salivating
She the broad on pause that’ll have you waiting
And at first cause, you’s acting mad patient
Investing time and money, we call that dating
You even have a good time and think the match made it
But, she a player, heart slayer, like Darth Vader
You was unaware, dumb and cared, heart aching
She had side niggaz, lies triggered, sly wit it
Her disguise was hiding in plain sight, nigga
Now she got you lookin foolish with a dunce cap
Pussy whipped, trippin, wishing she would come back
She got ya balls on the wall with a thumb tack
Never again, I been there and done that

They say, Hey i7iu7e, dude how you living
I say, aye, I’m cool when I’m really trippin
Man I really think I need a vacation
Cuz this paranoia gotcha boy straight anxious
And this feeling is getting old, way ancient
It’s a violation so I gotta make sanctions
I gotta go against the grain and make changes
Cuz this annoying paranoia is dangerous

Why I feel like this
Yo, why you feel like that
Man I feel like crap
I feel paranoid

Now the second verse is about the world
The current state affairs, they make me wanna hurl
They running the education system like business
The kids listless, social media the only interest
Racism, oh racism
The pain of slavery and segregation stay with them
But I see so many bi-racial babies, how’s hate in them
I guess our core beliefs are poisoned with snake venom
We fighting wars on terror, but the error
Is that we really fighting a war against ourselves
Take a peer in the mirror, it becomes clearer
How money has America like a whore getting nailed
Politicians villains, stealing from people like bandits
And God is missing like the secrets of Atlantis
If you like me, you a praying mantis
But don’t sway, cuz I aint got the answers

Why I feel like this
Yo, why you feel like that
Man I feel like crap
I feel paranoid

And I don’t give a damn if I get called out
I still wanna live crisp and ball out
I don’t want the world like the game fallout
I guess we just better call Saul now
We can change up, like a curve ball
And get it crackin or strike out, ending worse off
We gotta flag infractions, so ill make the first call
So when I do, don’t go soft on me, like a nerf ball
Its our best choice
And it’ll feel good like when the sex moist
Yea boy
So I’m hoping for the best
Like going over on a bet
Im just blowing over stress
Like yoga poses for a stretch
I won’t go for phony steps
Like goalies holding over nets
Posers focused on the neg
Yo lets choke’em all to death
No, I’m jokin more or less
Just throw’em overboard unless
They go and vote for more of yes
Hold ya head up for success


from FameMachine, released April 22, 2017



all rights reserved


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A global collective of musicians and artists based out of St. Louis who have come together to be The Culprit Manifest. They had a vision and I promised to help make it a reality. We have been asked to "name" our members but, respectfully, we will decline. They don't want to be divided and conquered. We refer to them as Agents W, X, Y & Z. Thank you for your support. Dream Big. Why you waitin' for? ... more

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