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This track musically reminded us of early Chili Peppers - so naturally, we titled it CaliforniaFree. i7iu7e used the time he packed up and drove to California as the basis of the lyrics. Chasin' dreams!!


California Free

Free to the beach
I got the sand in my feet
The summer sun shining bright through the canopy’s teeth
A slight breeze through the palm trees pampering me
I sight see from the mountain peaks the camera beeps
I wanna go with flow, I wanna flirt with the tide
I wanna float on a boat, I wanna surf when I slide
I wanna open my soul, and find my purpose inside
I know it’s in there, but I really just don’t know where it hides

It was kinda bizarre
When I got in my car
And left it all behind
I thought I’d lost mind
But I just closed my eyes
And hit the road to drive
No clock to watch
So I aint know the time
I was so surprised
I felt so alive
Oakleys polarized
So the sun don’t roast my eyes
On the open road
I’m feelin like Dolemite
Even though I took a gamble
And just rolled the dice

So now I’m feeling free
Cuz its where I wanna be
And between me and you
I don’t never wanna move

If you gotta dream
You better follow it
If you fighting pride
You betta swallow it
If you have a doubt
Just acknowledge it
It’s cool to be afraid
But don’t be a cowardice

So when I did arrive
The time change my life
Now I can say I really did it
And it made me like
A pioneer on the frontier
Native like
I7iu7e was a Sioux chief, amazing right
Maybe I’d
Find a babe, with hazel eyes
Make my wife, have babies, live a lazy life
That aint happen
But the point I was makin, guy
Is you can do anything if you make ya mind


from FameMachine, released April 22, 2017



all rights reserved


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